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Quantum Break 2016Every year, the game industry celebrates many players around the world with their novels on platforms like PC, Xbox and, of course, PS. Every year they become more interesting, exciting and saturated. And every year, different game portals set up the statistics of the best games that were in a certain year. So we're gonna try to tell us what the most popular games are in 2016.

Quantum Break

And the first game you need to remember will be “Quantum Break”. It is obvious that this masterpiece can make a break in the game industry that specializes in Xbox One. And it's not about the game process, not on schedule, not in the scenario, because all of it can only affect the success of the game, but it can't make it a cult. The developers have been able to make something so unusual that they're taking over and want to sit for hours. You can also play online, which is very good, because you can watch the best players.Far Cry Primal Therefore, the best game for Xbox One is “Quantum Break”.

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal was the main opening for the game industry in 2016. The most valuable players have loved what it looks like, virtual world, characters and other graphic elements that are here at the highest level. Ubisoft was able to create a certain atmosphere in the game and create something very surprising. The new Far Cry is an ancient world with its rules.X-COM_16 You'll live with the tribe, and you'll do mammont and other beasts to survive. If you have this PC game, you'll be able to play it online soon. A lot of people say she's the best work in 2016. in the Games The industry, because it was very attractive and attractive.


The next round is the X-COM game, which is, however, complex, but rather interesting. It should also be noted that all the actions you're doing in the game will have some consistency. If you do anything wrong with the plan, then things can change, and you never know the good side or the bad side, so you have to take it into account, too. Every mistake you made may lead to undesirable and sometimes global consequences. It's very good that the developers made it to PC, because if they play online, it'll be easier. Thanks to this variability, there may be a lot to go through, and by your actions, you can create your story.

Uncharted 4 A Thief s End Hitman-2016 Dark Souls 3 Horizon Zero Dawn

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