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In the run-up to the Formula 1 2016 simulator ' s release, interesting details of the game became known next month.

The developer F1 2016 Codemasters has announcing several novels that will be presented in this version compared with 2015 the year, speaking of the more realistic simulator, the return of the career regime and other novels.

AUTOSPORT presented an opportunity to test the game to give its readers a detailed account of what is expected of the simulator.

Career regime

This option was inaccessible in F1 2015. Now it's more perfect than the old versions of the game.

The most important feature of the new career mode is that teams can now move through 10 seasons. Thus, the placement of forces in the peloton is guaranteed to change through the career regime.

The player's job is to make scores for the development of his team by speaking out on the weekends. Accordingly, other teams that manage the computer will develop in parallel, but with varying levels of progress. If you bring a small team to the top, be prepared for the top commanders to be added at speed thanks to their update packages. They'll try to get their leadership back.

The player can also monitor the progress of which areas of the car need to be concentrated. For example, you can start a career with McLaren, and then you can force yourself to refine the power plant to increase power and improve results.

Additional points for progress can be earned by performing certain training assignments. Thus, training sessions are also becoming important in the new version of the game. We can start with the traction and then work directly on the qualification structures and race cuts.

In addition, tyre wear can be determined on the basis of these. The hard question also helps the player to highlight the best race strategies.

The reality of the game adds to the fact that Gran Pri engineer can advise you to change your strategy, depending on how your race fits. There is also a tyre selection system in the run-up to a weekend.

In the simulator, you can improve your performance to, for example, switch to another team and lose your seat on the team because of unsatisfactory results. Then the agent will have to find you a place in a weaker collective.

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