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Alienware Area 51 A51-7814 - a steel futuristic hull play system, the type of which resembles spaceships. Yes, the reference to Zona 51 in the title is unforgivable! Computex 2015 and CES 2015 awards indicate that Dell has not missed. This design has not only an aesthetic, but also a practical benefit: the cooling system is more efficient influencing the components, it is possible to install up to five reservoirs, as well as convenient handcuffs.

Computer-based Intel Core i7-5820K processor. It demonstrates an advantage over Intel Core i7-4790 only when it comes to resource-intensive tasks, but it has the same weight in the games. 16 Gb operational memory, 128 Gb storage capacity (SSD) and 2 Tb (HDD). This model contains a video map of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.

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