Computer Novels


As we've already written in the review of the so-called zero-day, there's no special surprise, except that the numbers of Asians CeBIT have not brought us this year. Even the design and positioning of the benches of the largest companies does not change much. And by the size of consumer " herdes " anonyms, the Ghanan exhibition has long failed to compare with competitors such as Computex or Consumer Electronic Show.

However, some companies came to Hannover not only to build business contacts, they were willing to show journalists their new products. So it had to be frustrated, to build on productive work, and to work hard to find really new products. That's what made it...

Among the widest benches is the MSI angle. Not only are numerous laptops presented here, including the CeBIT Gaming Series models (we have already described them in detail), but a number of maternity charges, video cards and other devices are also presented.

In Hanover, MSI brought its new Gaming 3.0 Series, which is ready to work with the 14th and 22nd Intel processors in the performance of LGA1150. Several series aimed at different price segments, including Gaming 3, Gaming 5 and Gaming 7. Gaming 9 is a mysterious sign of the question. MSI's probably still considering this family.

The general features of the novels presented are black printed, a uniform graphic envelope for a variety of firm applications, the possibility of installing M.2 reservoirs (Trade 10 Gbit/s versus 6 Gbit/s for SATA 3.0).

The second generation of Audio Boost technology provides an isolated sound fee for the exclusion of interference, a separate stable feed of the Audio Boost chip to protect against interference, high-quality Japanese condensers and insulated nests.

MSI also promises to present an updated version of BIOS. The XMP function activation button will be added to the main screen, the control of the fans will be improved. Other improvements are expected, but the company has not yet solved them.

Recently, we have written that a number of producers have paid off the integrated Intel Celeron J1800 processor. I thought I'd introduce MSI. The J1800I model includes two SO-DIMM nests for DDR3-1333, USB 3.0, SATA II, HDMI, DVI, D-Sub, Military Class 4.

The J1900I model is similar to the characteristics and appearance, but only is the built-in processor Celeron J1900.

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