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Computer games have long become an integral part of modern society. The desire of people with a head to go to the virtual world on the other side of the screen could be different, but that would not override the fact that millions of the Earth ' s inhabitants of all ages were playing the PK.

Modern technologies enable developers to create truly fascinating projects that are differently comparable to Hollywood blocs. And the quality of the graphs, sometimes barely different from reality, is not worth talking at all.

Since the game industry has grown to a truly gigantic scale, many people are hard to target. Everyone wants to spend their time and money with their minds, and in a world where hundreds of projects are denounced or launched every day, it is often hard to make the right choice. And we, the oldest team on the GameGuru website, will help you in such a difficult case.

Our portal is one of the largest play resources to date. Do you want to be aware of the current novel? Read our daily news tape. We're trying to update it as quickly as possible so that GameGuru's visitors know first and don't miss important anons.

How do you know if a game of your attention and money is worth? The answer is to read the GameGuru reviews. Our authors are gayers with years of experience, whose opinions are based not only on taste but also on a great deal of experience. But even if you doubt the objectivity of the evaluation, you can always discuss any game with other visitors in commentaries or in a forum.

As projects get out, we're putting them in a bigger encyclopedia. Each game has a card that can draw up information about the developer, publisher, genre, date of release, etc. In order to make a better picture of the game, we provide project files with virots and videos. Many games have trainers and modules, as well as detailed passages and read code lists. And we're also working with different stores where you can always buy digital versions of the best price games.

We also periodically produce the various stages of the most interesting projects. Let's say the best of 2015. Or the best zombies ever. We also periodically welcome our readers to face-to-face interviews with the developers, reports from the major play shows, and so on.

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