Novel Computer Games

Battlefield 4

Researchers from Respawn spoke about a new, already third, large addition to their Titanfall online joker. They shared the message that the owners of powerful personal computers, once the upgrade became available in the PK version, would be able to maintain an unbelievable staff frequency of 144 cads/sec. In comparison, it is sufficient to recall that the predominant majority of games for consoles [...]

F.E.A.R. is another game novel developed by experienced programmers from Monolith, glory to which has come thanks to a well-designed, game-breaking Aliens vs. Predator 2 and No One Lives Forever. The second part of the realistic game lags a little behind, but in no way does F.E.A.R. It is still unclear what has changed and why the developers [...]

Most recently, information has emerged from which it appears that the " 343 Industries " studio has already produced the Galo: Spartan Assault. This was reported directly by the company ' s representatives who stated that the product had been officially released. It is worth noting that this game has taken place on the Xbox 360 consoles. Now anyone who owns a game show can play this exciting game. Not extra [...]

Gaymers around the world met with a new story of the famous game Need for Speed, which was named Rivals. The new part of the game is made up of two companies, a criminal racer and a policeman. The first company consists of rival races on modern cars and car chases from law enforcement personnel. The same way to hide from the police officers who have stalked you, [...]

The famous and most popular multi-user World of Tanks is now trying to take over the console game and has every chance of it. More recently, the World of Tanks only users of personalities computersbut it'll change soon. Let us recall that the game is a tank archae that allows the Geimers to carry out tank battles between them for rank [...]

As a kid, every boy played first in soldiers, then in war with toy guns and machine guns. At present, computer games and technologies can be engaged in military battles in a terrifying world through many interesting and exciting hemples. One such game is Medal of Honor, which produces many [...] every year.

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