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In the German city of Cologne, the biggest play show in Europe was Gamescom 2016. A few hundred thousand people came here to meet the last. in the world computer games. There were two new projects on the Gaijin Entertainment wall. Thousands of players have been able to try themselves as mechanics and tournaments and the most new post-pocalyptical online crossout treatments. Crazy people at the peak of passion, command fighting and fighting for survival each time collected a crowd of cheerleaders. Also, Gamescom visitors were among the first to see and assess our premiere, the maritime battles in War Thunder. Half of the bench was turned into a deck of the ship, and under the shadow of iron mast, a special zone was laid in the form of a ship ' s shirt with a 40-mm ship ' s zenithenite, where the War Thunder fleet was closed. On a map specially prepared for the exhibition, marine battles in 3x3. All participants had access to the choice of ships of different nations, which you could read in the Diaries about. development♪ Further, in closed beta-testing, the number of ships available will increase - as will the maps themselves, the battles in 10 per 10.

There was also a grand show with prizes and gifts. Every half an hour on the stage, a wide variety of prizes were played, ranging from souvenirs and access codes to a closed web of Crossout and War Thunder, to the top-class game periphery of Roccat and video maps and computers from ZOTAC.

Watching the players on the bench could be live on War Thunder Channels in Twitch. Strim took place from the very first and until the very last day of the exhibition, and every day, players could see new ships in War Thunder, as well as win valuable game prizes. On Saturday, the game team carried out an indicative sea battle on a map specifically prepared for Gamescom. Structural torpedo boats had to fight not only against each other, but also with attacking aircraft. You can see the fights on the broadcast.

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