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Suunto, the world ' s downloading computer brand, provides further updating of the software that enhances the functionality and efficiency of Suunto DX, Suunto D6i, Suunto D6i Novo, Suunto D4i and Suunto D4i Novo.

Suunto D-series is known for sophisticated design and broad functionality. The new updating of user feedback software makes devices even more user-friendly for skilled technical divers, for fridivers, and for newcomers in the underwater world looking for adventures.

Improvements include:
  • The selection of the immersion regime has been rescheduled to replace " General constructions " to make it easier to change and download in the appropriate mode.
  • A simpler and faster calibration of the digital compass in D6i (analogic to DX) added the possibility of sizing the compass under water.
  • It's easier to use a second.
  • Testing of batteries and pressure sensors improved.

This is an additional update. software Provided to the owners of Suunto DX, D6i and D4i in the authorised Suunto service centres. If you hand over the downloading computer to maintain or replace the battery, you will also be able to update the software without any additional payment. If no replacement of batteries or other service is required, a maintenance fee will be required that may vary from country to country. D4, D6, D9 and D9tx cannot be updated - the model can be checked on the back of the immersible computer.

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