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imageThe team is presenting a weekly news digest from the computer iron world. We'll be familiar with the hackers with the most interesting events from the iron world in a week. Now you don't have to find interesting news for yourself, we'll do it for you.

In this issue:

- acquaintance with the dealer Xigmatek Achilles
- photos of Galaxy GTS250 video map with two GPU
- The fastest memory of 2,000 MHz kits from G.Skill CL6
- ZBox from Zotac.

First view of Xigmatek Achilles

Xigmatek submitted to Russian users a processor clerk with an interesting name - Achilles. Achilles is one of the main heroes of the Trojan War.image Unpredictable choice of name for the fist, because the producer is no longer the first dealer called the Militari style.

The characteristics of the fistula can be attributed to a quiet and sufficiently productive 120-mm fan of 1,500 o/min, suitable fittings and sound design. Four copper heat tubes pass through thin aluminium ribs and, through direct contact with the processor heater ' s lid, it is possible to ensure the best return of heat.

Claire is compatible with all modern processors, which makes it just universal. It would not be difficult for those users who first faced the installation of a fist on the processor.

Galaxy GTS250 with two graphic processors

imageGalaxy submitted a video map based on the GTS250 graphic processor. Galaxy developed its own design of the fees on which company engineers managed to locate two such graphics. This approach to the building of the video map has resulted in the productivity of the top-level video map, such as GeForce GTX285.

No information on the cost of the novel is yet available. The production of such a product is not fully understood, because the dates of the Fermi annon are close. I'm afraid that with Fermi, the relevance to past-generation hybrids will be minimized.

G.Skill 2000 MHz CL6

A unique DDR3 operational memory tool for Intel P55 was presented by G.Skill.

The four-hygabyte set is buying its uniqueness. This is the first and so far the only set of operational memory on the 2,000 MHz frequency, capable of working with the CL6 9-6-24 regular time-frames at 1,65B.

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