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For several years now, ZeniMax Media Corporation, which owns Bethesda, id Software and several other major studios, is suing the founders of the Oculus Rift virtual reality.

It started in May 2014, and the essence of the claim is to accus the founder of Oculus Rift Palmer Laki of stealing VR technology. Recently, the claim was filed and is now being prosecuted by the head of Oculus Brendan Irbi and the technical director of Oculus VR John Carmac, who had previously worked in id Software and was the co-founder of the studio.

"For years, Zenimax invested millions of dollars in developing virtual reality technologies. Then John Karmak, leaving the company, copied the data to the flash drive and handed over to the founder Oculus Rift to Palmer Laki. Moreover, later, he returned for a tool that was designed specifically to work with virtual reality, - Says ZeniMax.

ZeniMax states that Lucky simply misapproached all the data to himself, using it, and without them, he would have failed to create a commercially viable virtual reality device. It is also reported that ZeniMax invested millions of dollars in research and development of new technologies from 2011 to 2012, including the VR at the key location. Karmak worked with other company engineers, and under American law, all intellectual rights belong to a company whose money was created by the project.

John Carmac himself claims that no line of code from Zenimax in Oculus Rift was used.

As a rule, such cases are not for one year. It's really hard to say, but if the blame proves, the financial implications for Facebook. On the other hand, if it were not a crime, the world might have been left without VR technology for a while, and ZeniMax leadership would not have made progress in producing its VR version.

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