Twenty-sixth Talania.

The Empire is now completely abandoned in the weather. The sky was lighted, the face of the sun brought up the last fogs from the fields and roads, putting them in dense forests. As such, the citizens of the solar power must refrain from taking mushrooms, berries and not riding hunting while the forests are so dangerous. The air is warming slowly, promising long time without colds and long rains.

The Palonia Sea of the Kairohan Volley has again become safe. The priests and the ordinary people prayed and gave generous gifts to the God of the Light, so their suffering ended with the paternal patronage. But it doesn't get warmer. In the west of Pirei, there's warm winds coming from the Empire, and in the east on the other side, it's cold.

The Wizard's Wandering Kingdom has been scattered. Livni will get the rivers out of the coast, the mud from the cities, the people from themselves, the fences will be flooded, but natural forces will be given before the last harvest this season.

The North is completely immortal to the gods - freezes there are such that they swallow not only snow and frozen trees, but also air. Okay, the wind's moderate.

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