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Корпус беспроводных наушников OwnPhones будут печатать на 3D-принтереEvery audiophile must be dreaming of headphones that don't cause discomfort even with a long nose, that ensure sound quality and sound insulation. And the new wireless OwnPhones from the same American launcher, among other things, are offered in four execution options. It's remarkable that every copy of the OwnPhones is made with an account. ♪ ♪

Personally, I have three different 3D printers. And I use them all.Smoothie-3D — новая, бесплатная, невероятно интуитивная программа для 3D-моделирования They'll certainly be useful to me when I have to print three-Ds of a few objects immediately or when I'm in a hurry. Nevertheless, I always felt that I did not use technology fully. It would be nice to spend. ♪ ♪

Today, thanks to 3D press, we can create things right on our desk. " Only then will there be a dream when you give her the form, the representative of Porsche approves.Распечатанный на 3D принтере индивидуальный Porsche Cayman Porsche has just published material free of charge for 3D Cayman S. If you have a 3D printer, you're already here. ♪ ♪

When someone is talented, intelligent and educated, such as the Professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nery Oxman, has access to a powerful tool such as Objet500 Connex3 (three-track multi-coloured 3D printer of Stratasys with a high resolution), the creative process is difficult to predict. His last collection, Vanderers: An Astrobiological Exploration. ♪

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