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Many Geimers are thinking about trying themselves in the game industry by participating in the creation of interesting products. In this case, you'll be interested in the work of a gay CEO, a man who has the key role of a director in the project. Well, meet the profession.

The modern game industry gives us all kinds of projects, from fun platforms to mature fighters and " painkillers " . Many of us, beginning with another level in a fascinating game, are enlightened by “How did they do it?"

But there are also heimers who immediately think they're making a " flight selection " , considering the enemy ' s strength, level development and complexity of the mission. At the same time, they lose their minds from a series of scenarios: " What if... " and " Here I am... " . You recognize yourself? Then you're on your way. Play Industry To create interesting projects, or more like a gay-dizzineer!

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