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Человек с ноутбуком. Архивное фотоUpdating iOS is turning old iPad into cyrpychi.

IPad 2 users were mainly affected by updates. They occur after iOS updates before iOS 9.3. In an attempt to activate the device, the word "server is temporarily unavailable."

Twitter closes Annex TweetDeck for Windows

It is noted that Twitter management has simplified all versions of TweetDeck. Users who are authorised in the social network account will be able to automatically enter the annex.

Bombardier locomotives will begin to be produced under Saratov.

At the Engles plant, by the end of 2016, there will be a serial release of the locomotives of the Canadian company Bombardier, reporting to Alexander Streluchin's First Locomotive Company. The total investment was 6.8 billion roubles.

Samsung introduced new flags - S7 and S7 Edge
Работа за планшетом. Архивное фото Twitter Кабина поезда. Архивное фото Логотип компании Samsung. Архивное фото

Multichoice Apostille to obtain an apostille, apostille birth certificate.

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