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The new devices Lenovo on the IFA 2015 were so much that it seems that no one has yet gathered them in one big piece. That's why we decided to put the hat in our hands and put it all down by half--- welcome to the cat.

Vibe S1

Last year, we released our first selfon, Lenovo S90, which, by the way, was divided into Geektimes. Then the main thing was a combination of a high-resolution front camera and a light-band flash on the front panel. IFA Annotated 2015 It goes further: our new salphon Vibe S1 is equipped with two portrait cameras. This approach allows for two interesting effects. First, to regulate the degree of flux of the background, and secondly, to automatically cut off the face of himself being loved from the picture, and then to plant any other background image, even though Big Ben, at least his favourite point.

But this attractive feature of Vibe S1 doesn't end. Our developers were able to make a gadget very light and thin, and a slightly curved back panel closed the Gorilla Glass 3. Combined with the metal base, it looks great. The beginning did not simulate: inside the eight-nuclear MTK 6752 and 3 GB operational memory. So it's not just a beard interface, it's also a needle game.

Long-range smartphones Vibe P1 and P1m

Another worthy, good tradition keeper is a Vibe P1 smartphone with a 5,000-mach light battery. Like the good, but not the old P70, he can also charge other mobile devices. It's important not to forget the microUSB transition to the USB big, and you're about to get off the "thank you" account, which will be talking to friends with suddenly decompressed phones. The situation is not rare.

Vibe P1 5, 5-inch IPS splinters with a resolution of 1920x1080 points. Inside the 64-bit processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 tactical frequency, 2 GB operational memory and 32 GBS built. Add up to 128 GB on the microSD map. The key camera's clearance is 13 Mp, and there's a fast phase autofocus in it, as in Vibe S1.

We also released a slightly simplified Vibe P1 modification. Vibe P1m♪ It's a little more compact with the use of a 5-inch HD-resolution screen (also IPS). It also affected the physical size of the battery, so its capacity in Vibe P1m is less than 1,000 mAcho. And, of course, a little more modest: MediaTek MT6735P, with a frequency of 1 GHz (more than 64-bit), 16 GB in built memory (+microSD to 32 GB) and a basic cell of 8 Mp instead of 13 Mp. But both gadgets have LTE support.


PHAB Plus marked the arrival of a new class of mobile devices in the gadget-portfolio Lenovo. This big phase with the 6, 8-inch screen didn't just come out like this: our own research shows eloquently that smartphone users spend very little time on the phone. Instead, they rewrite in social media, watch videos, read books, fly electronic versions of magazines and so on... And naturally, the more the screen is, the more comfortable it is. That's what PHAB Plus does for these unconscious users.

The machine is placed in a beautiful metal hull, the resolution of a large IPS screen is 1920x1080 points, which gives a density of 326 ppi. And it's very convenient not only to have social media tapes, but to play games. Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 and 2 GB Operational Remembrance chips provide the most demanding of them. The 32 GB memory can be complemented by another 64-mm in microSD. We haven't forgotten about the photographers, the camera is not "planet" but "smartphone," with a 13-Mp permit, plus a 5-Mp front.

Protected laptops - Acrobats ThinkPad Yoga 260 and 460

The Acrobatic Leptops ThinkPad Yoga have become even easier and less. For example, new 12, 5-inch Yoga 260 weighs only 1, 35 kg, and 14-inch Yoga 460 is 1, 76 kg. It's the perfect laptop computers for any case of life that's really easy and nice to work in any more and less suitable place for this exercise. Also, Yoga 260 and 460 became the world ' s first Transformer laptops, where LTE-Advanced technology was implemented for wireless connectivity through WAN-interface.

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