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Обновилась панель Яндекс

The Moscow Industrial Bank is optimizing the management of administrative and management activities through AyTi Capital.

From 4 to 26 April 2016, AyTi Capital held a workshop at the IFC Institute on " Accounting and Financial Reporting on the " 1C: HFO Accounting "

The training reviewed options for the introduction of a single account plan for NFOs based on the " 1C: FNL inventory " , basic accounting automation principles.

Particular attention was paid to the practice of accounting management.

ITi Capital has been given the status of the 1C: Development Centre after making decisions for financial organizations.

Invite on the webinary, " Property Accounting since 2016, in accordance with CB Regulation No. 448-P in the 1C: Bank Administration and Management " programme.

"ITi Capital." Participated in the International Forum " All bank automation 2015 " with the firm "1C."

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