Games On Pc

hp-backpack-pcOmen, a line of HP game computers will soon be filled with a complete version. According to the company, the computer backpack is designed to be used with virtual reality points. The HP is therefore planning to help the player improve his game experience and to allow a walk around the virtual world instead of hanging around his pants.

The computer is in development, testing and the first demonstrations are scheduled to start in June. The beginning is close to the requirements necessary for the correct operation of the VR-slems: new Intel Core i5 or i7, to 32 HB operational memory. What he's gonna have on his video card is not known yet, but for her, as for the processor, there are their own batteries in the belt. The batteries are calculated for an hour of continuous work, and they can be replaced at a walk. So that the computer does not switch off during the " recharge " , there will be a third emergency battery in operation. Refrigeration of the system will be provided by two powerful fists, the total weight of the car is about 5 kilograms. Selling a computer is planned with wireless dispensation, arsenus and a keyboard, so it can be used not only with glasses. In any case, the date of the novel on sale has not yet been identified, which means that the design and ability of the computer can reach a release.

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