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Yesterday, the Japanese company Capcom demonstrated two new rolls from the updated version of the Resident Evil 4 game for Sony PS4. Okay, the first video shows the game mechanic.

Konami's company was pleased by the readers of its PES 17 football project, the demo-version anon. This week. ♪

There's unconfirmed information on the Internet about a new game from the universe about Harry Potter. The project is called LEGO Harry Potter Collection and is likely to include previously issued talls, such as. ♪

An interesting innovation was made by Gran Turismo Sport. So all the owners of the Sony PlayStation 4 game show, before we go on a crazy trip to the cool serpentines of the raceways, they're gonna have to turn to rights first. Examination, as promised by the developer. ♪

The popular game of the Resident Evil has recently become a logical extension. No, the game itself isn't here yet, but the demo-version is already available. And yet only the owners of Sony PS4, and only those with PS Plus, are happy. Here's the gamers playing PC or something. ♪

Recently submitted to E3 an updated model of the Xbox One game console, Xbox One S, suddenly became popular. So, Amazon's got all the kits sold out, and it's on the most expensive 2TB kit. The first lucky ones will receive new supplies in August 2016. Yes, the price of console is $399.
So it's basically the same XBOX ONE. ♪

Literally, the Resident Evil 5 Remister of the Household Game was sold the other day. In variations for Sony PS 4 and XBOX One. In the new version, the game goes in resolution 1080p, as well as the addition of stable 60 staff per second (although it looks like 30 rods), plus bonuses go all the possible additions to the former cones and bees. PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.

That's why the world's play show of the achievements of the game industry was shook. There were quite a number of anones on the E3, especially an exclusive hit for Sony PlayStation 4. It's about the Game of War, with the constant Crathos in the main role. Like a ten-minute roll. ♪

E3 has been informed about a popular series of human spider games. Insomniac is already working on a new project from a popular franchise. The game will be a fully open world, more adventures and more excitement. There's another moment, by the way. ♪

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