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Кадр из сериала Игры престолов (revised:


RIA News, 7 yul. The seventh season of the popular TV show, The Game of Thrones, is due in 2017 after the scheduled deadlines, and the film producers David Benionff and Dan Wyss, send Digital Spy.

The project managers did not call the exact date of the exit, explaining that the new series could be delayed, because the events on the show would be turned off against the background of the apocalyptic winter, and the film team, "it's gonna wait for dark, gray weather even in the sunlights." Previous seasons were screened in April.

Previously, Benioff and Weiss told us they decided to stop on the eight seasons of the Pest Games. At the same time, the seventh season will be reduced to seven series instead of traditional ten.

There are two fictional continents where several aristocracy births compete for domination over the kingdoms ' family, while humanity is being threatened by the outside forces.

The romans of Martin and the series they took were recognized for the detailed development and unexpected turns of the story, including the deaths of the main heroes. "The Story Game" is the most popular show not only in the U.S., but throughout the world, its founders received 26 prestigious AM awards.

Кадр из сериала Игра престолов

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