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In Skolkovo, a domestic company called " Motorika " is working to develop and produce individual child traction prostheses " KIBI " , replacing the wrist. This may include children with amputees for some reason by bruises born to development anomalies or degenerative limbs. The company is developing other prostheses, including for adults. The company has developed and bionic prostheses that work on the counting of electrical impulses from the muscles.

However, thanks to the social guarantees of the Russian Federation, a prosthesis on the injured limb of the patient may be free of charge. In each case, a case-by-case approach is required, taking into account the physiology and age of the patient. At present, the company is experiencing a ready-to-ready myoprotic value, which will be approximately 5 times lower than the equivalent.

Industrial 3D printer can create not only individual prostheses, but also different colours and draw any drawings and notes. Prosthesis not only compensates for lost opportunities, but also offers new ones. With the help of a special holder on the prosthesis, various accessories, such as a mini-dron control, can be secured. Not to mention the prosthesis gives bonuses like, for example, the possibility of getting eggs out of the boiling water.

Ilya Cheh, Motorika

In October, the developers are going to demonstrate the work of their Miopprotes in Zurich at the Cybathlon Cyborg competition. On 13 August, the first such competition in Russia was held in Moscow in preparation for the Swiss phase. By the way, the existing KIBI prostheses seem very interesting, recalling the futuristic games of the kind of Deus Ex:

The company is gradually expanding its activities. For example, a new rehabilitation programme was launched in the Nizhny Novgorod, where patients can already establish free tractive quotations of the QIBI, along with the Press Federal Medical Research Centre. Users will now pass international test systems to assess the functionality of hand prostheses in order to determine the degree of self-service.

Руководитель «Моторики» Илья Чех

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