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Новинки игр 2015

A decade ago, the term MMORPG was known only by the most advanced players and the happy holders of a broad channel of communication. Today ' s mass multi-use online games (this is how this abbreviation is encrypted) are so popular that they will soon be completely outdated by traditional video games.

Like most conventional RPGs, in these games, the Gaymer associates himself with a fictional hero that he can control at his discretion. However, unlike traditional role games, the online MMORPG games are based on the interaction of living players rather than computer characters. Such games are also characterized by the existence of a large virtual world, which continues to exist regardless of whether a player is present or not.

Like this. world players They are able to carry out a wide range of activities, ranging from the execution of limbs and the killing of computer characters (NPC) to connecting with other players. In most cases, the killing of NPC or the character of other players is rewarded, both in the form of money and in the form of points of experience that a player can use to develop his or her character. Many of the MMORPG games provide an opportunity for players to join in the gilds and clans, thus leading to a higher, political level of play. Most of these games are based on a subscription, although today the so-called free-to-play projects, i.e., imputable games, are increasingly popular. In such games, the majority of content is free and only a small part of it is offered for real money.

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