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Xenia Sobchak is pregnant, recent news: The public television host of Xenia Sobchak continues to be " caught up " with her subscribers, and she in turn presents to the public the picture that her " pregnantness " notices.

Particularly " distracted " by the star ' s fans in the village of days: Sobchak has shown a picture of the chest, which has increased, and the rounded " tusic " that Xenia touches his hand. However, the following girl shared a picture with the subscribers, which did not imply a " interesting situation " . Moreover, the pictures she published just yesterday and today also do not prove too much the rumours she's been saying for a few months that Ksyushi's firstborn will come to light.

Xenia Sobchak is pregnant, recent news: It is worth noting that, in this regard, the most real baths are being played in the fans of the television host. Some fans have even come to the conclusion that Xenia has actually resorted to surrogate mother, because it is very afraid of giving birth, and because it occasionally wears a bowl. Others believe that Xenia is simply " disrespectful " of its fans, and that is why it has not yet given a clear answer to many questions about its future baby. Sobchak doesn't really comment on the many rumours and guesses, but only occasionally mocks them, but it doesn't deny that she'll have a baby soon.

Someone came to an even more disgraceful conclusion, accusing Xushu of wanting to go out, but not more. According to some of the subscribers of the social media home page, Sobchak is just driving everyone behind his nose, but in fact, there is no “pregnancy and no mercy”. Despite this conclusion, however, the lean bukmeckers already accept the rates as to the sex of the firstborn Sobchak, in addition to the growth and weight it will have. Sobchak, that's a situation that's sad and angry, and she's been expressing her misconception in her profile, and many fans have supported her.

Xenia Sobchak is pregnant, recent news: On the other hand, the rather popular bloggers have come to wonder who Ksenia's baby is actually expecting. For example, among the guesses, the name of Alexander Chistaykov, the wife of Natalia Ionova, Glukoza, but Sobchak himself rushed to " refute " this theory by presenting a general view of the correspondence with the Pistakov itself.

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