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The M.Wideo network of domestic appliances and electronics will be the first of the traditional reteilers to sell intra-trailers. Previously, it was available to Russian users only on the websites of the solar game producers themselves.

M.Wideo reported on Thursday on signing relevant agreements with Microsoft (Xbox) and Sony (PlayStation). Its partners confirmed this fact to the BCRC.

" Digital content has previously been possible only through Xbox internal services. The owners of our consoles will now have another convenient way of acquiring games and additions.” Commented by the representative of Microsoft in Russia.

The representative of the PlayStation in Russia, Dmitri Lazarev, cited the example that, among European traditional reteilers, media Markt in Germany was selling domestic content.

A new section of M.Game, devoted entirely to video games, appeared on the M. Video catalogue. As the company explained, M.Game is an online club and a playground, equipment for them, accessories and social media groups, M.Wideo ' s bonus programme and exclusive activities for players. Users have been given the opportunity not only to buy games and supplements on the site (this could have been done earlier), but also to expand electronic wallets, to formalize and renew subscriptions and even to purchase a game currency for popular multi-user games such as the World of Tanks.

Until the end of the year, M. Video plans to sell up to 5,000 different digital content names through its site, ranging from PC and consumable gambling, software to subscriptions and replenishment of Smart TV and mobile applications. Today's share of sales from games, consoles and digital content is not solved by the company.

They pay more online.

In the first half of 2016, sales of M. Video increased by 19 per cent from the same period last year to 98.6 billion roubles (VAT) and online sales increased by 34 per cent over the same period. The average check on online is higher than the company average. As a result of six months of 2016, the M. Video Internet store cheque averaged 10,150 roubles, with a total of 6,300 roubles. Today, according to its own assessment, M. Video holds 40 per cent of the video market, 35 per cent of the console market and 20 per cent of the accessories.

According to the NewZoo International Analytical Agency, there are 70 million gays in Russia, and 30,8 million of them are willing to spend money on games. On average, this amount for one user is $40, 95 per year.

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