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Since the launch of the Russian military campaign in Syria, the world is increasingly wondering if Russia ' s intensification in the international arena would lead to a military confrontation with the West?

The Heritage Foundation considered the option of Russia ' s invasion of Pribaltic and possible NATO steps to protect the region. The view is simple: NATO must intervene and save Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius, and the United States must persuade the undesirable wars against Russia of the Europeans, and that this myth that the fundamental act of Russia, NATO, signed in 1997, prohibits the deployment of military bases in the territory of Pristina.

The authors describe the complexities of fighting against Russians in Pribaltic:

Baltic countries have no common border with NATO countries;

Countries are small on their own and can be seized in a few days;

They border Russia and friendly Russia with Belarus;

Full support for neutral Sweden and Finland will be required for the conduct of hostilities;

There are a large number of Russians living in the Baltic countries (which can provide a " Crime option " );

The U.S. is not ready to fight unanimously for other NATO countries, and the latest public opinion poll on this issue showed that only 56 per cent of Americans are willing to endorse the protection of other NATO countries if Russia attacks them.

The authors of the Heritage Foundation believe that the U.S. should take the following steps to protect the Baltic from Russian invasion:

Establish permanent military bases in Pribaltic;

Reinforce the NATO Navy presence in the Baltic Sea;

Update plans and be ready to move troops from the United States to Europe;

Encourage Sweden and Finland to join NATO;

Develop a plan to save the Baltica without the participation of Sweden and Finland;

Increase and increase the military contingent in Poland;

To give Belarus an understanding that if it helps Russia in aggression, there will be consequences;

Increase the number of exercises and increase military exchange;

Work on energy cooperation with the Baltic countries;

Contra-propaganda (in response to Russian) etc.

All of this, according to the authors ' intent, should give Russia away its intention to attack. A summary of the article is easier and cheaper today to prevent Putin aggression than to free Pribaltic by force.

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