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15 самых ожидаемых игр для ПК 2015 годаThe last major releases of 2014 were heated: Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Crew, would now find time to play. One eye, however, is to look at 2015, where at least one and a half of a dozen interesting game novels are planned for the PK.

Grand Theft Auto V (27 January)

Rockstar's turning combines a role-playing game, a joker and a car race, all in the open world. In 2013, GTA V was called the best game, in 2014, the best reprint (Remastered), and in 2015 it finally reaches the PK. It's hard to add something. ♪ ♪

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD (29 January)

15 самых ожидаемых игр для ПК 2015 года-2Another " old new " game is the fantasy strategy of HoMM 3. The original version of the game is now being sold in In 2015, there will be an updated version with rewritten textures - landscapes, buildings and youths will no longer look blank. And most importantly, the HoMM 3 HD will not only appear on PC, but also on iOS and Android. Nostalgia!

Evolve (10 February)

The most controversial game of 2015 seems to be the cooperative joker Evolve. Studio Turtle Rock is famous for her game Left 4 Dead, but repeating her success will not be easy. Before Evolve's release, it looks innovative and atmospheric, but there's a fear that the players are going to get tired and they'll be empty in a month.

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Project CARS (17 March)

The automobile simulation project CARS should be the first real nextgen-play. All the games that have already taken place on the PK and the next gen-consoliers can be bragged, in fact, only by a high texture resolution. While Project CARS has the most real photorealistic schedule, not only car models but also race tracks.

Battlefield: Hardline (17 March)

Battlefield: Hardline will certainly be the main multiplier of the first half of 2015. Despite the name of the game, a new developer (Visceral Games) and a new stting replaced the war between the world ' s armies with police and criminals. A fresh look at a conservative series of jokers is interesting anyway.

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