Journal Of Iron

Железо №11 2011

Dear subscribers!
From 6 to 24 November, all talented and creative experts of the computer jellysis and plastic offered a unique chance to win the latest GIGABYTE G1 GAMING GV-N970WF3OC-4GD, with the MAXWELL architecture and the original WINDFORCE 3X refrigeration system, as well as one of the two mouses working on any igAB

If you're dealing with computer components, you can write, make quality reviews, test products and impartially assess the mottos, we'll be happy to see your review and reward you with one of those powerful video cards!

So, the terms:
Products that are waiting for your review: Videocart Gigabyte Geforce, game mice, game keyboards, Gigabyte carpets, computer gatherings welcome!

Where to post: "GameGuru," DNS-CLUB, "YouTube and others.

Only listed Gigabyte products participate in the competition;
100 per cent uniqueness of text, 100 per cent uniqueness of images;
The stronger, the more original and the more complete your review is the more chance to win one of the video cards;
Don't forget to share the news on your page!

What to do next:
If you have a review of one of these resources, your channel or blog, you're referring to the competition discussion (may overlap with box

The best author for his review will be awarded a GIGABYTE G1 GAMING GV-N970WF3OC-4GD video map. The authors of the two GIGABYTE reviews will receive one of the two mice GIGABYTE AIRE M93 ice.
Cross the blue ribbon of Gigabyte and send directly to the winners:
Reading the terms of the competition, taking your iron and fighting!

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