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No country, no civilization, no religious group, no Church survived what we had, The great revival of Orthodoxy. Over the past 20 years, not only did the Church of Russians reborn our people.”
Holy Patriarch Kirill, opening address.

For the first time, documentary materials on this age of 20 have been collected in a single space, not only in information but also in art.

We have no analogs to the history of the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church, which means the revival of Russia.

This is a living lesson in Russian history, and it is spoken in modern language: the exhibition has become unprecedented in the use of advanced technologies.

Many said that the exhibition that over 70,000 people had visited in her week should be permanent.

And that happened.

The digitization of a large number of materials took time, and it is still not over, but the exhibition of the Rous Orthodox Church. 20 years


(FLV file) 13 minutes 150.8 Mb)

Before conducting a virtual 3D in 30 exhibition halls, we suggest that we see a film that speaks not only of the way in which it took place, but also of those for whom it was created, about its visitors, the people of God, witnesses, participants and heirs of the revival of the Russian Church. About us.

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