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It's time to compare! Traditionally, the rivals are chosen from the fighting camps, and this time we'll be facing a budget flag with a Chinese propicy called Lenovo ZUK Z1 and iPhone 6 Plus. Well, why do we compare Z1 with 6 Plus without S? It's simple, Lenovo's hardware is a modern, not a modern generation of smartphones from Coopertino, but it's like a "battery old man" last year. So it's fair. Have a good look!

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The wireless chargers have been stepping on the planet for several years. And if, at the outset, the strangest proprietary ideas of dispersed start-ups from the United States could not attract a significant number of fans to their side, then, with the arrival and dissemination of the Qi standard, the compression of the charge without the involvement of the cable was still popular. Today, thanks to us, we'll look at the charges of Nillkin and Axessoire, capable of giving iPhone the joy of wireless charges.

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As promised on Friday, we tell you about Apple TV 4 with all the details. Why, within the Apple A8 media outlet, is it convenient to play with a new PDD, why they took off the optical audio and how to live, whether a new product from Coopertino is worth its money and how to win Apple TV from the fourth generation, and that's what you'll find in our review.

Apple TV of a new generation, according to Tim Cook's statements, is future television. We've only got to make sure of this, and while we're going to ask you to read what they think about the arrival of Western journalists who were happy to meet her.

Yesterday, at its event, HTC presented its new subflagman One A9, which very much resembles iPhone 6. In fact, it's a real copy of Apple's smartphone, but under Android's operating system. Do you doubt that? Look for yourself.

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