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Computex 2013 is nearing completion, five saturated days have passed unnoticed. There were no truly revolutionary products, but there are still many interesting devices on the producer ' s walls, which are the subject of this material.

Geil is known to consumers through its productive memory modules. Computex 2013 visitors also saw company products this year, not just memory. But everything is in order. Geil placed emphasis on high-produced DDR3 Evo Potenza modules, which operate at a frequency of 3,000 MHz at CL=12.

Novels will be available to radiators of different colours: white, black, blue and other. Also on the wall of Geil, Evo Veloce modules were displayed:

The line is presented with two and four modules and is proposed with red or white radiators. The operating frequency of Evo Veloce lies between 1333 and 2,800 MHz, so the consumers can choose the options they need.

The Evo Leggera series is also presented in two and four modules and has the same working frequency options. Low-profile radiators are a distinct feature of this line, allowing for the use of memory modules in compact systems.

The lovers of all the brightest will probably like the Evo Corsa modules. They are offered both in single and in two or four modules, operating frequency varies from 1,333 to 2,666 MHz.

There's a Geil arsenal and a product for those who get used to count money. Dragon RAM modules without radiators are presented in two versions, 1333 and 1,600 MHz. They will be suitable for use in primary-level systems.

In order to demonstrate the quality of its products, Geil installed a high temperature camera on the wall. Such checks guarantee the performance of kits even in shells with the wrong cooling system.

In Computex 2013 Geil presented a new product, a refrigeration system called Cyclone 2. The novel is for the surlockers who want to squeeze out of their minds. This will help them with aluminium radiator, a sunlight fan, and a regulated anchorage system, so there should be no problem of compatibility.

But not only does Geil live in memory. On its wall, the company also showed other products under Thortech and Epicgear brands. The first is used for power units, the second is for the game periphery. ideas for decorating kitchen countertops.

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