Novels In The World Of Technology

Top 5 news from the world of science and technology on technology, 29 May

nobrТоп-5/nobr новостей из мира науки и технологий по версии «Чуда техники», 29 мая

Future computer games, drones, genetically modified people and some other ей in the hot five of the amazing discoveries and inventions. of the World Peace

5. Future analysis

An uncomplicated and low-cost device is a dark box where a special test strip with segments is inserted that change colour depending on glucose concentration, protein and so on. The results are evaluating the smartphone that should be sent down to the strip.

The creators say that the accuracy of these tests does not deviate from the laboratory, so the novel will allow many patients to do more tests, which means better control their health.

4. Future Games

Manufacturers are actively inventing new ways of immersing people in the м game, in addition to the virtual reality points, a suit with a ной suspension system together is now in place, and they give a full sense of interaction with the bright world.

The clothes will beat you, let you feel touched and so on. Prototype's getting to production now.

3. Smart Trap

Not only the . machines in Germany have decided to provide the trams with a collision prevention system. Cameras and radars help the on-board computer in time to recognize the likelihood of an accident and first send a signal to the driver, and if it does not respond in time, the brakes а shall be activated and, if possible, the passengers are soft.

The first tests will take place in Frankfurt, and the creators say that this is an important step towards creating fully automatic trams.

2. A drone.

A team of researchers from Stanford University has been able to teach a quadrocopter to stream or walls е it does this by using steel microchips that cling to the unevenness of the surface. When parked, the machine can continue to film, save the battery and ignore what might be important, for example, to the police.

1. Gene legs

The world is rapidly capturing a new biotechnology that will lead to a medical coup. Japan became the second country after Britain to allow for research purposes to apply CRISPR/Cas9 у to human embryo replacement techniques for genes that scientists have seen in nature. It looks like a bacteria is getting rid of penetrating viral genes.

The new method has long been used to create transgenic animals, and now there is a unique opportunity to treat human hereditary diseases by simply removing unnecessary genes at the embryo stage.

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