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The imagination of scholars and designers does not swell.

Robot Spider

Having taken the example of Moroccan desert skating spiders (Cebrennus rechenbergi), the Professor of Technical University of Berlin, Ingo Rehenberg, developed a rolling robot.

His robot Tabbot (tabacha) in translation from the Amazigh language means "pow" is simulating the rapid movements of an unusual spider, which is very stunning around the spiders. " This robot may be useful in agriculture, the bottom of the ocean and even on Mars " , said Rehenberg.

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By connecting the graphs with carbon nanotudes, scientists received tiny flexible sensors that can be installed even on bugs or leaves. These frail and non-responsible sensors can assess the environmental situation in different environments and even detect dangerous contamination in the air - for example, nerve gas.

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Self-renewable plastic

A scientist from Illinois University, Scott White, invented a new type of self-sustaining plastic. This discovery was inspired by the healing process. When the plastic is damaged, a liquid that fills the crack and clots. This technology will be useful for the automatic repair of vessels, vehicles, aircraft and, of course, smaller equipment.

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Perfect gravure.

A group of artists and scholars, with a focused radius gravity, created the world's smallest comic in human hair. Claudia Pulfurst, a German artist, created the Huanita Visting the Planet for the Exhibition of Exceptional Hardware Software Meeting, held annually in German Hamburg. The event is attended by masters, hackers, scholars and engineers willing to present their own projects for the Third Industrial Revolution. Photo

Biometric lock

An engineer, Omer Kyani, who was shot in the face at 16 years of age, invented Indentilock, a biometric device that is attached to the trigger mechanism of the gun. It only removes the block when the weapon is in the hands of a certain person. The device lights in the dark and can unlock the weapon in a second. It improves fire safety by reducing the probability of accidental shooting.

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