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New Liebherr refrigeration models - BluPerformance

Many people are familiar with the Liebherr trademark products, as this producer of high-end refrigeration equipment constantly welcomes consumers with new unusual solutions. The refrigerators from the new BluPerformance series have been rewarded by innovation, rethinking the design features of the devices and making refrigerators more user-friendly and cost-effective.
The refrigerators from this series have classic design and amazing energy efficiency. Such a device quickly cools the products to the optimum temperature and keeps them fresh much longer, has a surprisingly simple and dark internal space, a convenient electronic control system, and offers innovative functions that greatly facilitate your living. All these benefits bring together a new generation of Liebherr BluPerformance refrigerators. The broad selection of pre-screened programmes and lines, as well as simple and logical management, ensures maximum convenience in the daily use of aggregates. The premium refrigerators have a large sensory display on the door by which all functions and modes of the device can be operated by only a few compressions: to set the required temperature, to receive food storage and energy saving clues, and to select the necessary work programme.
BluPerformance refrigerators will be a bright accent in any kitchen interior. The HardLine designer concept, described by the Liebherr refrigerators, best manifested itself in BluPerformance models. The main feature of this approach is functionality. Each technical solution is aimed at improving the user-friendliness of technology and is reflected in the design of devices. Refrigeration arms are easily integrated into the body of devices. Special interpreters facilitate door opening. The material from which they are manufactured has become much stronger, so the resource for the safe use of equipment has increased.
The internal space of the Liebherr BluPerformance refrigerators is organized by the VarioSafe system, which allows for easy storage of products. ♪ ♪

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