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BB-8 Toy Droid

In anticipation of the next part of the legendary saga, Star Wars, the American company Sphero, which produces robotic toys, started producing a BB-8 toy droid. The device is generally a controlled robot with a head on the magnets - the control is made through an application on a smartphone that can be controlled by a hand-operated droid or voice teams, to see a projected robot called " golograms " in an enlarged reality (only on the telephone screen) or to send it to explore the surrounding world. In the latter case, BB-8 will travel around various sites " communicating " with some of them. Roboted ball is controlled on Bluetooth through an iOS and Android application. The battery charge is approximately an hour of active use and the ball must be fixed for wireless charging to the docking station. A toy droid can be found in the Sphero store at a price of $149, 99 (about 73,000 dramas at an appropriate rate).

First smartphone with 4K-Earran

4K is the symbol of the digital film and computer graph, approximately 4,000 peaks horizontally. Sony, Japan, introduced a new line of Xperia Z5 smartphones, which received a number of useful innovations (print scanner, camera), but the most interesting was Xperia Z5 Premium, the world ' s first smartphone with 4K approval. The company ' s representatives do not link the need for a high degree of resolution to anything other than Games and videos♪ On the other hand, the experts believe that such a permit on a screen with a diagonal of 5, 5 inches makes no sense, since the density of points is greater than 400 ppi not taken into account by the human eye. In addition, it will be very quick to consume the battery charge.

Large screens and smart mirrors

Many electronics manufacturers provided 4K televisions (3840 to 2,160 points), but some companies - for example, South Korean Samsunghave already made prototypes of 8K (7680 to 4,320 points). The Japanese company Panasonic, in turn, demonstrated the so-called " smart " mirror, which allows for an example of makeup, new hair and even beard to its electronic reflection.

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