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We invite you to receive an overview of the news of the Israeli economy in recent weeks. Israel ' s strong foreign currency credit rating remained at the A+ level with a stable forecast

A+ credit rating

Israel ' s strong foreign currency credit rating remained at the A+ level with a stable forecast. This has been reported by the International Scrating Agency. This optimistic forecast is based on the current trends in the Israeli economy. These include the highest level of investment in research and development among OECD countries. In addition, analysts note flexible monetary policies, high economic diversification (when different sectors of the economy develop simultaneously), and high export performance.

The main increase in Israeli exports is at the expense of High technology♪ In the first quarter of 2015, the share of staples in industrial exports reached 50 per cent, the highest since 2009. In January-March 2015, haystack exports increased by 13.6 per cent. The largest increase was seen at the beginning of the year in the aviation and aeronautical industries, where exports increased by 87 per cent, pharmaceuticals (33%) and electronics and microschems (15 per cent).

Hot pay continues to increase

The average salary in the Israeli hut is NIS 23,800 gross, which is 3.5 per cent higher than the previous year. There is a high demand for khat workers, and in some cases there is no need for more experience to start work. With regard to skilled workers, they sometimes have several job offers and can choose the most appropriate job. With regard to the waiting time, it is reduced to a minimum: often candidates start work only a few weeks after the executive summary has been sent.

This is due to the fact that Israel is actively developing the area of start-ups with significant capital. Over the past year, Israeli launches have been able to generate investments of $3,4 billion, and investments for the first quarter of the year alone amounted to billions of dollars.

An algorithm developer with two years of experience can count on NIS 18 to 20,000 gross. The position of software developer with six years of experience is estimated at NIS 28,000. The start-up wage in Java is between 14 and 18,000, and three to four years later can rise to 24,000.

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