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Хай-тек новости 2015 года: анонсIt is worth beginning that, by decision of the UN General Assembly, 2015 has been declared the Year of Light and Light Technology. The reasons for such a solution relate to the history of science. This year, Ibn al-Khaisam, a famous Arab scholar and thinker, performs 1,000 years of work in the optimum.

The Facebook social network in 2015 hopes to start testing of unmanned Wi-Fi repeaters whose engines will feed from solar panels. If the tests are completed successfully, in the next five years, the company hopes to provide free access to the Internet via Wi-Fi to two thirds of the world ' s population, which is now unavailable.

Roscosmos will ship Soyuz-TMA-16M to ISS on 30 March. He'll take three men on board the station, two of whom will be the astronaut of Michael Corneinko and the Astronaut of St. Kelly will remain on the ISS for a year. During the long-term expedition, Kelly will conduct a series of interesting experiments involving a single astronaut twin. Brothers, who are in fact clones of each other, will do the same thing in space and on Earth at the same time. This will reveal the delicate effects of orbital conditions on human beings.

In 2015, a Plastc device will be installed in the United States, which will be based on E-Ink technology and will be able to replace both credit cards and various RFID chip passes. All the data on these cards can be stored on a smartphone, and as soon as one of them is transmitted through the Bluetooth to the Plastc device, it will acquire the type of appropriate card, including a tape record.

In 2015, there will be many innovations that will enable the nutritional elements of our gadgets to keep the charge longer and to spend energy more economically. For example, the microchip from Ineda Systems includes three additional processors. One continuously operates in the background mode, requires very little energy and takes on constant demanding tasks, such as maintaining Bluetooth or tracking smartphones in space. Two other processors are operational when the device needs a little more computing power.

For the first time since February 2013, the Great Al-Adron Collider will re-engineer after reconstruction. It will be launched at the beginning of the coming year and will be able to work for a total of 13 terelectronvolts, almost twice as much as the figure before the BAC stops.

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