High Technology Innovations

Новинки высоких технологий

The first high-technology and innovation exhibit in Tatarstan, Hi-tech Innovations Forum, will be held from 17 to 19 June in the STABI residence. The event will bring together people who are involved in " floating " : technologies, ideas and market developments.

The programme of the event addresses the following areas:

  1. Internet stuff, smart city, smart house, energy of the future.
  2. 3D print, scan.
  3. Transport, copters, robotics.
  4. Virtual reality, neurointerfeis, artificial intelligence.
  5. Interactive technology, mobile industry.
  6. The gadgets, the electronics, the mobile industry.

Under Hi, future areas will be as follows:

  • ESCO: Exhibition of companies that will present their innovation and technology development. Anyone who wishes can test the novels and ask interesting questions about the use of the technology in the home or business.
  • CONFERENCE: A specially selected programme of reports and lectures will reach a wide range of stakeholders.
  • PHOTOZONA: Professional photographers, visualists will prepare an interactive photography site, which can be seen from a normal human being.
  • _ A zone with educational technology for children.
  • INNOPOLISA: A tour will be organized in Innopolis with a vehicle test and a test drive.
  • BITWA KWADRACKINGS. It will be an excellent opportunity to test its drones on the open site.

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