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The new report of the analyst KGI Securities Min-Chi Quo is surprising. The expert argues that, for 2017, the Apple company has a planned large-scale iPhone editing, which provides for the removal of aluminium hulls in favour of foams.

Min-Chee Coo expected this at the end of March, when he said that Apple would eventually return to the design of smartphones a-la iPhone 4. The analyst now appears to have further confirmation of this information.

Coo believes that, since 2017, Apple will stop producing iPhone in aluminium shells and give preference to glass. However, whether the Apple intended to perform a full iPhone editing, the specialist did not specify, so it was not yet cost to prepare to see a completely different iPhone model.

It is likely that the transition to the use of the wholesale shells for Apple will be forced. As is well known, and this information in its new Min-Chee Coo report confirmed again, i speci 2016 They will receive OLED-displays, which are somewhat heavier than the iPS matrices used in the current models of Apple smartphones. The glass is easier than aluminium, so with the new Apple material, it can make a new novel easier.

On all this background, you recall the IPhone 7, which should be presented this fall. It is clear that the " sevens " form will not change - two major renovations to the design over two years, Apple will hardly present. Therefore, iPhone 7 now has a similar design as iPhone 6s, with some radical changes.

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