My colleagues and I have recently had a discussion on the first computers and programmes. Not only did the famous scholars like Charles Babridge, but also the less famous Ada Lavlace. As a result, the idea was to conduct research and develop a timeline for the development of computer history and programming.

There were many interesting facts in the process of studying various sources. For example, the same Babij is not technically an inventor of the computer, that the first high-level programming language was not FORTRAN at all, but stilus was used for CRT monitors.

1. First computer: " Distinct Mashina " (1821)

Previous Analytical Car. The Mashina of Distinction was the first attempt to create a mechanical computer. The project was developed by a scientist Charles Babridge. With the support of the British Government, he started working on the device. But because of high cost, funding was stopped and the computer was never built.

2. First general-purpose computer: Analytical machine (1834)

Charles Babridge continued his work and, on the basis of his experience, took over the development of a mechanical computer. The machine was designed to automate the calculations by absorption of the functions by many members and calculation of the final differences. Thanks to the possibility of close representation of logarithms and trigonometric functions, the analytical machine could be a universal instrument.

3. First Computer Programme: algorithm for Bernulli (1841-1842)

Mathematician Ada Lovelais began to translate the reports of his Italian colleague, Luigi Menabra. To that end, she used the same Babridge analytical machine in 1841. During the transfer, the woman was interested in the computer and left notes. One of the notes contained an algorithm to calculate the number of Bernully (the sequence of rational numbers B1, B2, B3) of an analytical machine, which experts believe was the first computer program.

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