Computer Novels 2016

MSI Aegis

Sony has entered the market for computer kits. AMD sprayed new central processors. I wish Zen would. Seagate presented a hard drive-recorder. The first Russian computer appeared on the Baikal processor. On these and other developments in February, in the next issue of the rubble of the Jewel Trees.

PK Platform

In 2016, we are facing two great events: the opening of the first desk 10 nuclear processor, Intel Broadwell-E, and the appearance of the first commercial AMD chips on the Zen architecture. But all this will happen in the second half of the year. In the meantime, producers are expanding existing lines. There's something you need to earn.

Baikal Processors

  • Short of the product, my own, my family!
  • Date of exit: Second quarter 2016
  • Price: no data
  • Competitions and analogs: any other monoclock

The previous year was marked by a presentation by Baikal Electriconics, who, according to his own words, announcing the first Russian 28-metre MIPS processor. One chip, Baikal-T1, received good characteristics for his class: two Warrior P5600 32 R5, with a frequency of 1, 2 GHz, and built-in Ethernet, PCI Express 3.0, SATA 3.0, USB 2.0. There is a fact that domestic decisions based on this processor will move into mass rather than be used exclusively for national security (ready in the defence industry). The representatives of Baikal Electricox hope for large-scale production. The first conscripts will be the Tavolga Terminal monocles. In addition to the Baikal-T1 chip, the computer received a discontinuous schedule of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M with two GDDR5 memorial hygabytes from 4 GBayt to 32 GBW and a storage capacity of 512 GBite to 1 TBayte. All the iron is packed in a pretty hull with 21, 5-inch IPS matress (Decision Full HD). For understandable reasons, the Volga Terminal has established the Linux operating system. The terminal's office business horse will be fine.

Tavolga Terminal

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