Computer Industry Innovations

Новинки компьютерной

Accelerate the development of the computer industry, and more accurately, Information Technology, it's growing. There are accessible things that have never been dreamed of before, and the senses of working in the new information environment are increasingly deteriorating.

I have a hypothesis (more than two) why this is happening. Why the increased availability of information technology does not increase user comfort.

The first reason is the lack of time for the root alteration of what already exists. The various successful solutions that have been found are not always successful. By turning this point on, you can see that all the heroes on our market are poor. It is sufficient to mention the four most important achievements, in my view, Microsoft, Apple, Mosaic and Mirabilis. It all started as students (not all of them went to diploma). But it's half a win. The real problem is it's all there is. There are already gaps in the Windows operating system or the HTML language, but they are perceived (at least now) as being adapted.

The industry prefers to spend huge money on this adjustment rather than looking for an alternative. Count only the additional costs of programme developers and external devices associated with Windows architecture. It is even more obvious for HTML, where the real battle for “extension” is in the form of additional languages like Java and ActiveX, but no one even remotely attempts HTML itself. In fact, while they are barely born, these languages are growing in practical applications that, in fact, only need the user.

Not all the WWW waves heard about the HTML language and what flours the authors and designers of HTML pagers were losing because of the language ' s shortcomings. Even fewer people thought how much money Microsoft had invested so that the Windows applications did not work in other operating systems. (And how many funds are invested by Apple and Linux to overcome this.)

If successful solutions have been implemented many times in the old era before becoming part of the mass industry (the print machines of the past century have been very far from the gutenbergs), the first is now mass. And it records her as an industrial standard.

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