Computer Software Innovations

Прайс-листыList of 2017 publications for commercial advertising. Preliminary circulation of 300-500 copies. Price: 4th cover page 37700 roubles; NHS 36400 roubles. Scales in order of several publications from 5 to 10%. Target date

At the invitation of the Department of Technical Policy, OAO " RZhD " , FGBU DPO, UICW, with the exhibit of new publications, participated in the Council of Chief Engineers of OAO " RZh " .

The VGBU DPO Collective of the JCT congratulates the director of the branch in Irkutsk S.A.Lorenz on receiving the gratitude of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation to the Rail Day. We wish for success and new achievements.

DGBU, UICW, will participate in the Kazakhstan International Transport and Logistic Exhibition - TransitKazakhstan 2016 4-6 October 2016.

Regulations Nos. 304 and No. 305 of 17 June 2016 were signed by the Federal Railway Agency

Computer training programmes and electronic press equivalents

Applications for the acquisition of electronic educational resources should be sent with an e-mail address to the WITF at:

105082, Moscow, Ul. Bakuniski, 71;

Body. (495) 739-00-31 or direct Internet stores at shop.

Computer programmes are designed for both individual and group occupations and are designed for higher and secondary vocational education and railway occupations. Technical upgrades have been made to improve the previously developed CPC. The upgraded CPCs have been implemented in one way, with a copy protection system and an unauthorized CPC installation. All computer-based training programmes (PPCs) have been registered with the Federal Intellectual Property Service, patents and trademarks. Among the CPCs, there are winners of the " Best Competitive Training Programme " of branches and faculties of secondary vocational education of the State ' s higher vocational training institutions of the Federal Rail Transport Agency (Roseldore) Order in 2010.

The electronic versions of the printed editions issued by the WDCF have been completed in PDF format, which preserves the external type of publication, including the type of printing, and contains hypertext references that allow for the rapid introduction of the section, as appropriate.

The growth of the e-publishing segment is now linked directly to consumer demand. The emergence and development of scientific and educational online resources and the introduction of innovative technologies into the educational process are the result of the gradual transition of the education system to a new quality.

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