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The three-day Spring Program is in the Spark mode, then activated, encrypted all the information and required the user to pay $400 for access to files.

RIA News. Users of Apple products, previously considered virtually inviolable for viruses, have been defenseless to a new program that cybersecurity professionals have classified as "extor," reported to Reuters.

The extortion virus, one of the fastest growing species of cyber-threats, encrypts information in a contaminated car, and then asks the user to pay the ransom using cryptos. Experts estimate that such viruses, which are mostly distributed to computers with OS Microsoft, bring hundreds of millions of dollars annually to hackers.

Palo Alto Networks Internet technology- Safety, they say the KeRanger virus could have accessed Mac's computers along with a new version of Transmission, which became available on Friday. As the representative of Palo Alto Networks Ryan Olson said, three days after the flood, the harmful software encrypts a portion of the computer data, after which the user ' s ransom is demanded in the amount of one virtual currency of batcoin, which is now approximately $400.

Olson believes that KeRanger was the first virus of this kind that hit Apple's computers. "It's the first time that this pest is really working. It encrypts your files and demands a ransom, he said.

The damaged version was removed from the Transmission injection site. According to the developer ' s website, a version of the program was released on Sunday, which automatically removes the virus from the infected computer.

Apple also stated that several measures had been taken to prevent possible contamination of computers by harmful software.

Previously, Palo Alto Networks had already reported other viruses that might have been hit by Apple. In particular, in November 2014, a virus was reported, which could have hit up to 356,000 devices based on operating systems iOS and OS X from Apple. Through this malpractice, villainists could access the targeted book and user reports.

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