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Antec P50 Window

Test Antec novels: compact but capacity building P50 Window and EDGE 750 flag unit

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Six months after the premiere, Antec P50's compact computer hull was in our test lab. Turned out he was pretty surprised. To some extent, if you're not chasing minimism at all, it's hardly the best solution in your class. And here's the power block EDGE 750 - the poison of another field. Initially, he offers all the best that is now being implemented in the food units. Uncompromising performance, modular design and compliance with 80 PLUS GOLD are all affecting its price.Antec P50 Window Although with an adequate power sufficient to feed systems with two to three videotapes, the price is below the larger analogs.

The shell looks strictly both alive and in images placed on a recycled cardboard box where it is delivered. A little revival of the ecterier allows a replacement roof of the upper panel, whose colour may differ from the constant black colour of the hull, but we've got a P50 Window completely black.

On the dimensions of the shell (355 x 260 x 355 mm), almost the cub. You don't put a man in a multimedia stand like you often do with SFX computers. No, P50 Window is not designed to do so, nor is the use of the largest compact sets to the detriment of productivity and functionality.Antec P50 Window Antec P50 Window is the same in the other: with a minimum allowable size, allow the user to use fully standard components: AMD FX or Intel Core i7, long video cards with three fans and complete diet blocks. It is not without restrictions, but these restrictions are no obstacle to living and are hardly more expensive than collecting the system. In other words, Antec P50 Window is well suited to collect a powerful game computer, and given the dimensions, it is clearly capable of interested in the LAN-weather and tournaments.

Despite compact dimensions and the presence of a polymer window in the left side wall, Antec P50 Window weighs decently around 3, 5 kg. The reason for this is a solid and fat metal carcasus on which plastic panels are extinguished. The masks are added and made of metal walls: left (if not the window itself), right and rear. As a result of small size and large quantities of metal, the shell was very rigid. No vibration, no violin.

Antec P50 Window Antec P50 Window Antec P50 Window Antec P50 Window

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