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This gadget may well be in the use of the most important features of our planet, so luxury and completely he looks. And if you add to all the stunning " beginnings " , the last doubts will fall.

Roboeve Xpider Robot is the name of the world's smallest programmable robot developed by a team of young Chinese engineers from Beijing, called Roboeve.

BeatBringer Backpackers have sought to create a convenient and powerful source of sound, in line with modern fashion trends, while trying to resurrect interest in the once popular accessory, especially among youth street parties.

The tiny robot that is placed on the human palms was developed within the framework of anki California company. Visually, Czmo resembles a toy truck with a ladder to lift small cargo.

An unusual product that can be useful not only for starters but also for professional guitars. Digital wireless guitar compatible with various gadgets allowing any application.

Google, together with the known brand of gin clothing Levi's, announced the development of a unique, smart jacket, one of the materials for which has become. ♪ ♪

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