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The Banner Saga

JeanneRole game
Stoic/Versus Evil
Date of withdrawal

An inappropriate project from a small team based on BioWares was much larger than it was possible to suggest at first sight. The breadth of a virtually static and silent multilism was masked by a dark epic sword created under the strong influence of Scandinavian mythology. At the same time, The Banner Saga has also shown herself to be a well-designed, self-propelled tactical game with a number of interesting features that seriously change the perception of camping fighting. The individual dignity of the project can be boldly described as the fine music of the titled composer, Austin Uintori, whose name was known after the triumph Journey. Simple, but insanely atmospheric and appropriate melodies gave a special ball of two caravans' history looking for salvation in a cold world. The developers have already announced that we will continue next year, and we look forward to it. Review

Divinity: Original Sin

Designer/EmployerLarian Studios/Larian Studios

Original Sin was one of the most unexpected and pleasant surprises in 2014. While BioWare was looking for new ways of attracting a mass audience, Larian Studios was making a real role-playing old school with truly unlimited opportunities. There's also a well-designed rolling system, and tactical battles based on action points, and real nonlinearity. Many of the quests can go through at least two different ways, and there are always events around which to intervene or pass. It's not always a way to fight (although without a sword or magic) - it's often possible to try to convince the hostile characters to escape bloodshed. And there is also the possibility of a joint game with a living partner who brings new experience into the classic RPG formula. Heroes often face moral dilemmas, and each player may have an opinion on them. Making a compromise with a living man is how it's not easy - you're not virtual jerks! Review


Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

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