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Battlefield 1

A fringe share of the entire EA press conference will be allocated to the newly introduced Battlefield 1. The game is on October 21, 2016, so players will be generously provided with details. The interest in Battlefield 1 is indeed great, as the act turns out to be a stacking of the First World War.

The developers argue that the game will improve the “destructiveness” environment and will be brought to Bad Company 2.

It is known that there will be a large number of weapons in the game, ranging from a scapula to a fire mark. Actions will turn to England, France, Italy and the Arabian Desert. The player will be able to ride a horse, run a diarrhea, various biplanes and triplanes, and a British Mark I cult tank.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The new part of Mass Effect's role militant was annulled by E3 2015, but until then there was little information on it. The story of the game will not be directly linked to the previous trilogy, and the main role will be a different character. The developers have confirmed the return to the Mako game, which may indicate that the game will be open.

Titanfall 2

The first part of Titanfall has made a small revolution in the genre of multi-user jokers, but has experienced a number of shortcomings that have prevented the game from “live” for a long time. In particular, the exclusiveness of Microsoft platforms has played a role in this, but the second part will also be available on PS4. In addition, the developers promise to add a single campaign to the game, which is also not welcome.

Star Wars

EA was heavily involved in Star Wars franchises, and in 2016, a number of games on this universe are expected to take place at a press conference. Thus, the Battlefront extension will be presented, which will now be a single campaign. In addition, DLC will be shown for the first part and the version of the game for virtual reality.

A separate Star Wars game works for the Dead Space Studio Visceral Games. Also, the Motive studio, composed of 65 staff, is working on another universe game. Star Wars on E3 2016 will be a lot.

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