Composite Rail

Железо для компа
  1. What? Applied software;
  2. What system software is;
  3. What? Controller;
  4. I don't know what a fighter is.

Before starting a story about what to do with the computer after it was activated, I would like to briefly address the principles of the computer system.

The whole "professional" you bought at the store, which was briefly reviewed earlier, it's accepted to be called a computer jellyfish (in the hot language of computers) or an hardware component of a computer system (in scientific language).

Computer jellyso can be compared to the body of a dead man (or, at least, sleeping so it wouldn't be so dark). It's like a computer, but as long as it's completely useless, big electronic circuit, because it can't perform its primary function. Appropriate software (computer program or software) is needed to revive a computer (inhale a soul into a dead or sleeping body). Only under the influence of the relevant software can the computer system reveal the enormous potential that the man has put into it!

CD, DVD or Internet are the most popular way to disseminate the software. Software can be divided into two fundamental categories: application software and systems software.

Applied software is directly those programmes that the user loads on his computer and then works in them. For example, the Microsoft Office software package (Word, Excel, Power Point) is the work programme for text documents, electronic tables, presentations. Any toy on the computer is a software application. The application software works directly with the user and performs an application.

Systemic software is designed to manage computer and peripheral equipment. It's an operating system, a driver, a BIOS. The system software is basically working with the computer's jelly, "blowing" what and how to do with the information.

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