Computer Market

EMM market in recession

I mean, I'm sorry, not computers, but personal computers. But the figures are reminiscent of the past: the result of 2013 dropped the industry four years ago. And it's not over.

In 2013, 315, 1 million computers were sold worldwide, IDC reports. Sales dropped by 9.8%. Gartner's analysts counted a little over 315, 9 million, but the negative trend of rounds to 10%. In any case, the fall was the worst in the history of observations, and the total sales correspond to the 2009 outcome.

From the red zone, the market can't be five blocks in a row, but it's known to be enough and two to talk about a technical recession. So let's take it that the five failed blocks give us the right to call computers and provide an article with illustrations from the computer Chess movie, filmed... in 2013.

Developing countries fell in love with the PK

" Emerging markets were the main driver of growth for the PK market, and the distribution of computers in large countries helped to achieve good global figures. But at this point, we see the poor economic situation affecting demand from developing markets. At the same time, the priorities of buyers of high-technology products have changed dramatically, which is the IDC statement.

The experts suggest that in the near future developing countries will start buying more computers, but there is no need for miracles. The reason is that the penetration rate in poor countries is steadily increasing, and those citizens who wanted to buy a computer and could afford it have already purchased. Such markets now face the same problem as developed ones: why buy a new PC if the old works well?

Plansets are killers.

If you look at the idea of changing priorities from buyers. computer equipmentthere's no other Gartner study. The experts assert that the total number of tablet computers sold in all types of operating systems was 195, 4 million, reflecting an increase of 68 per cent over 2012. These are completely insane figures, especially when compared to the sales of traditional computers.

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