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Самолет Boeing 777 авиакомпании Аэрофлот совершает взлет. Архивное фотоRIA News/Prim. The Aeroflot airline has lifted the ban on the use of mobile phones and tablets on aircraft during the take-off and landing phases, referred to in the carrier ' s message.

Now, in order to use an electronic device, it is sufficient to transfer it to the autonomous regime or to disable the cellular connection. On aircraft offering a GSM/Wi-Fi mobile service, electronic devices are allowed to be used after further notice. "

The Aeroflot lifted the ban on numerous passenger requests and after an expert assessment by aviation specialists. The innovation is fully in line with the service quality improvement strategy of the airline through the active implementation digital technologiesnoted in the air carrier ' s report.

Utair's airline has long lifted the ban on electronic technology. "An airline has long been allowed to use the harbors in an autonomous mode during the take-off and landing," RIA News has informed the airline.

In turn, S7 does not intend to cancel the use of equipment on board. "We still have rules that prohibit the use of phones and electronic devices on take-off and landing. This is due in particular to safety - passengers can distract and not hear important crew announcements, - spoke to the Agency by S7.

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