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One year after the last rubble, the behaviour of the Russians changed: people no longer try to spend the priceless currency on the useless purchases, they try to get the necessary things before they're expensive, note the relayers.

RIA News, 21 Jan. Russia, in spite of another round of rubles, does not actively attempt to buy domestic equipment and electronics, as was the case in December 2014, informed the News RIA of Russian networks for the sale of domestic appliances and electronics: people seek to buy goods before they travel, but do not create angioge and spend more time on buying decisions.

Ruble accelerated the fall after New Year. On Wednesday, the head of the Bank of Russia, Elvir Nabiullin, stated that the rubles were close to fundamental values and risks for financial stability.Рублевая монета на фоне Московского Кремля. Архивное фото At the time of the statement, the value of the dollar was about 80, 5 roubles, after which the rubles updated historical minimums several times.

On Thursday, the dollar swept over 5 roubles to that level, almost 86 roubles at oil prices. The euro has passed another maximum since December 2014 in 93 roubles. When such a weakening of the Russian currency took place in December 2014, domestic stores observed a huge leap of demand for domestic equipment and electronics: the Rossigians were trying to get rid of the rubles and were actively buying goods.

The purchase of three TVs won't be happening again.

However, one year later, with the slight behaviour of the Russians, people are no longer trying to cut off sometimes useless purchases.Российские рубли. Архивное фото Ritelers indicate that despite the traditional high demand for the New Year, there are still no premium purchases.

"The New Year's New Year, the number of buyers has traditionally increased - people bought a lot of equipment to give to their loved ones, but there was no such situation as a year before," they said to M.Video.

"The demand doesn't fall since December, but there's no arrogant pick, people just try to buy the necessary goods before they're expensive, not all in a row like last year. I mean, I don't think this year we'll see the three-five TVs buying each time, there's no panic, and I think Ivan Kulik's head of marketing.
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